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I'm a mom of three pretty special teenagers, the wife of an amazing guy and a follower of Jesus Christ. We've lived a full life that has taken us from the suburbs of Texas to the woods of Georgia. I spent 12 years of my life as an Interior Decorator, dedicated to my passion for design and focusing on raising our littles.


For 15 years, I served the Lord alongside my brother in ministry, learning how to navigate the world of graphics, sharing the Gospel and working to unite churches. Those years took us all over the US and it was during that time the Lord began to stir deeply in my heart. It was a time of training, that I understand now, was the Lord preparing me for what He was about to walk me into. He began to speak to me in ways I had never before experienced and my relationship with Him began to deepen. 

About six years ago I knew God was asking me to write my story - to begin telling all the ways He has whispered to me and the stories that resulted. I kept putting it off, believing that I didn't have what it took to be an author of the story He was asking me to write. Typical of God, however, He persisted. He kept calling me to write. And so now I add author to my list. 

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